~the dreaded lurgy~

this will be short and sweet for i came down with the dreaded lurgy on thursday and been in bed ever since.

i have not felt this poorly since i had swine flu a few years ago.

my do i feel dreadful

i got up this morning, as swampy was out walking flynt, to make myself a drink...when i managed this without coughing up a lung i was fairly optimistic that i was feeling better...better enough to have some time on the laptop, even if it is in bed.

well, no i am not really...i have a headache with it which is bringing me down.

so i thought i would pop by and say a big hello


one thing i did do was delete my OU shortcuts from my desk top and presently waiting the delivery of a fresh batch of assorted size felting needles.
before the lurgy hit i took out a fresh, large notebook and sketched and made notes for all my ideas for *alittleeclectic*

oh but i am so keen to get well and start work!

i have to say since i made my decision i have felt amazingly liberated...i no longer wake in the night and worry about getting reading done, notes written, essays planned and written.

it feels so good!