~Dr Bronners revisited~

remember i mentioned i had bought some Dr Bronners to use to wash my hair with?

well to update you...i have lost the horrid transition hair that you get when you stop using chemicals on your hair...whoop!

for some months my hair has be feeling weird, sludgy almost and feeling not very clean (even though it was) while it shed the chemical build up...i nearly gave up...nearly, but said to myself whats the point of starting it if i just give up?

then suddenly...overnight it seems...i washed my hair and hey presto...the sludgy feeling has gone and with a rinse of dilute apple cider vinegar my hair is super soft and shiny and the wild, dragged through a hedge frizzy has gone as well.
admittedly i do need a trim...i am growing it again...but it needs a little tidy up...but it feels lovely.

so i highly recommend you try Dr Bronners...i use it for washing my face and in the bath as well, it really is a bit of miracle use all potion and the dilute apple cider vinegar is great.

go for it!