I Hate you Maths!

I haven't been here in a long time, sorry
about that, well it was not so long but I
didn't post anything in a while hahaha &
is because these 2 weeks have been so
stressing for me, just for the fact that
at school we had to deliver the projects
for the last partial, so I have been doing
exams this week & the other one & the
most weird thing is that I really don't
care a lot about it because I was paying
attention to all my classes so I'm proud
of it! but all I care about now is Tumblr
hahaha I love it & it's like my world to me
but let me tell you something, I'm pretty
sure that I fail Math I suck at it, really! I
need 5 points to pass the subject with 7!!
& I don't know if I will make it but we'll
see what happen, I have to wait till
monday to know If I pass the subject or
not, wish me good luck! Hugs