Oy, My Achin' Feet!

So, I need some new spring shoes. This is not just the usual "spring is here!  Time for new shoes!"  This is seriously the need for new shoes, because I have  

Upsetting to the average person, devastating to a shoe freak.

I have to wear shoes that have a rocker-bottom or stiff sole, and absolutely no high heels, because my feet can't do this:

I can't do that bend that normal people can do right at the beginning of the big toe.  Well, I can do it, but it hurts like hell, and I certainly can't walk when I do it.

Sooooo, I bought these today:

The Flirt by Noat.
They are SO very comfortable.  I have not gotten to the point where all style will be sacrificed, so while these sandals aren't the most attractive, they are waaaayyyy better than some of the options out there for me.

I can also wear clogs and any other stiff soled shoe.  Basically if the sole doesn't bend AT ALL, I can wear the shoe.

{Can you tell these are Missoni?!}

Wish me luck out there!  Let me know if you come across some kick-ass flatforms or other such shoes.  I need all the help I can get!