Lonny's Older, More Refined Sister

The newest online magazine went live today.
Holy Moly, this is a big, huge site.  If it were a true, hold in your hand shelter mag, it would rival Vogue's September issue in its size!

Of course I didn't read every word, or devour every photo (that will take the better part of three days) but to give you a sense of Trad Home, I pulled some of the gorgeous bedroom shots.  I have a soft spot for bedrooms, don'tcha know.

 I couldn't resist pulling these next two shots -- Megan Rice Yager and Robert Passal have designed their asses off in these houses:

{This color scheme might be my new springtime favorite!}

{I love every bit and color of this space.}

Is it coming????  The end of print magazines???
I really hope not -- but the online ones are blowing the print ones out of the water lately.  What do you think?