~such a sky~

today is just


i was up at about 7am and opened the door to a very hard frost and the little yellow tete a tete's looked rather limp and sad.
however a couple of hours later when the sun had cleared the massive cedar that grows behind us the tete a tetes perked up and spring warmth flooded the house and garden.
its a day to leave the back door open and have the windows open~such a perfect day.

swampy is in the garden giving the earth in the beds a little turn and taking out some weeds~i was pleased to hear monty don ... i love monty don so much~such a love of the land and a gentle manner *sigh*...in fact lets have a picture...

 as i was saying, in an old episode of gardeners world on allotments he said that gardening is good exercise.

after his physiotherapist told swampy there was nothing to do but 'work through the pain' i guess he might as well have pain doing something he loves~and he adores his garden.

yesterday i spent the evening on my own shawl...drinking chai...

tea for one?

it is growing fast.

this morning i spent a couple of hours on my sisters one.
as i mentioned before its acrylic~eeep!~and i really cannot wait to get it finished.
you know that squeaky chalk on a chalk board things that sets teeth on edge?
that's me with acrylic.

once its done i am going to make her a really good one~probably with the alpaca cotton...yes i admit it i am addicted to it.
i find myself wondering if i should buy lots and keep in store...my little stash of alpaca cotton to ponder and dream over.

i have been planning my poncho project and this of course means pouring over all the yarn over at Rowan

so much gorgeousness to choose from but i am one of those people who need to handle it before i buy it (and don't forget that quick sneaky sniff if no-one is looking!)


well all that talk of crochet is making me hanker after my hook so think i will drag a deckchair out of the camper and sit and watch swampy before i settle down for rugby~today is super saturday, the last day of the six nations and there are three matches, pretty much back to back (i can get a lot of crochet done in that time!) i shall of course be honouring my irish and welsh heritage (this makes swampy very miffed indeed~in fact he has called me a turncoat for not supporting the english~this made me very cross.despite being born in england to parents who were born in england i feel more irish/welsh in my soul and i see nothing wrong with that) and cheering their teams on.

~i hope you all have days like today~blue sky and sunshine!~