~well now...~


what rain?

last night was another insomniacs dream~i lay tossing and turning for ages because my legs and hips were aching and having a burst of restless leg syndrome (anyone else have this? isn't it a nuisance?) by the time i decided to put on the radio within a few moments the presenter announced it was 3.45!
at one point i heard a burst of heavy rain on the greenhouse.

well i ended up getting a couple of hours of interrupted sleep~i kept dreaming about fast growing lizards escaping from a vivarium and coming after me~whats all that about?!

at the moment the sun is shining and the sky is mostly blue, the forecast for today is for showers, so i am hoping our new climbing jasmine will be put in to replace the clematis that suddenly died~leaving the arch over our front door only half covered and rather lop sided looking.


i have had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket for a week or so now and couldn't quite decide what to buy with it~i kept thinking of things, then forgetting them.
well forget about it burning a hole, the hole burnt and the money fell out when i fell in love with something...but more about that when it arrives...but oh i am so excited about it!

*have a lovely day everyone!*