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I am inspired by people who do the good work; people who strive to make the world a better place.

I want to call attention to the company 
Roma Boots.
Founder Samuel Bistrain, currently living in Texas, grew up in a small village in Romania.  He lived through many cold winters, going without basic provisions just like the oppressed people there today.

Samuel was compelled to help those in need; the children of Eastern Europe growing up there as he did. Roma Boots was founded for the purpose of providing warm, dry boots to those who need them.

Basing his business model after TOMS shoes, he gives away one pair of boots for every one purchased.

If you can afford to buy a pair of rain boots for yourself or your child; make a purchase through Roma Boots, won't you?
You'll be saving some precious little feet from cold snow and slush.

They're super cute too!!