~sea glass~

i am in love with my jar of sea glass~this was collected during the few years swampy and i lived a two minute walk from the sea in bournemouth. you can just see a small piece of blue, somewhere in there, there is also a piece of red~they are the very special ones for as you can see its mostly white, with some pieces of brown and green.


there is something very pleasing about sea glass~yes, it is essentially someones thoughtless dumping of rubbish. but i think it undergoes some special alchemy during its time in the rolling, travelling sea.

it hears the talk of the sea creatures and tales of the wind as it spins on its watery journey until it washes up on some beach with the tale of its journey tucked inside the frosted blanket that surrounds it.

if i open it i wonder if a drift of sea blue and green sparkles will fly out and shower me in their salty tales?