~samhain blessings~

~sending the brightest of samhain blessings to all my readers~

so here we are again, it seems like only yesterday the end of the Celtic year was upon us.


i am feeling a great sense of serenity today as i bid farewell to the light.

i am planning a day of peace a further step in my soul journey~a walk in the woods, quiet time with my oracle cards, time in the garden to let the old drift away in the chill breeze allowing space for the seeds of the new to take hold, journaling~just being me, in peace with the day and the spirits around me


the ancestors are crowding close at this time of the thinning of the boundaries and the wild hunt.

the dark half of the year is upon us so we can turn our thoughts inwards, to think of new beginnings, of rebirth coming from the seeds in the dark earth, to reach inwards and embrace the energy that this time brings with meditation, inner exploration and making connections with the spirits.

it is a time to adjust in the way nature around us has~death has taken the old in order that the new be reborn with the coming of the light.

its a time to nurture our ideas and dreams~what will you nurture at this time?