~earth pathways & mead~

i popped into one of our neighbouring villages burley yesterday with swampy to buy my 2011 copy of the Earth Pathways Diary

of course if i had my wits about me i would have avoided burley like the plague this weekend of all weekends.

for those of you who do not know, burley has a very long history connected to witchcraft and this was where sybil leek lived for a while.

so this 'halloween' weekend the place was running with children and a few adults in fancy dress~sensibly we parked up in the woods a short walk from the centre of the village and so enjoyed a walk among the trees.

The place was heaving and instead of being able to have my usual peaceful browse in a coven of witches i quickly scurried in picked up my diary and a copy of pagan dawn, paid and hurried out again.

then i battled the crowds to make my way to the shop that sells fruit and vegetable wines to buy my samhuinn tipple~a bottle of locally made mead.

the rest of the day passed peacefully, a walk in the woods with flynt~who was a bit of a monkey and would not go back on his lead to come home, and i ended the day in bed, wrapped in prudence looking through my new diary and reading pagan dawn