swampy did a little gardening yesterday and behind our miribilis jalapa 'marvel of peru' he found this...

a final cucumber, tucked away between the bush and our fence! to be honest because i have been so unwell i forgot i had planted it.

two days ago i managed a short walk with swampy and flynt and actually remembered my camera so was pleased i was able to show you these...

a bit of research later and i am 99.9% sure this is either a suillus grevellei/larch bolete or suillius granulatus. it was a grey, damp day and so these stood out like bright jewels among the brambles. other sparks of color came from the blackberries but wouldn't you know it the batteries in my camera needed changing!

yesterday we had to travel to the next village in order to keep my doctors appointment~more about that here~and when we left the hollow our village sits in we were slowly engulfed by a mist that left everything around us~the high moorland and the distant trees~in shades of green and grey and the grass was coated with a silver-grey sheen.

coming out of the village the mist had thickened and we could see even less than before and it felt like a perfect autumn day~even the ponies now are merging in with the surroundings, among the copper and orange of the bracken some are almost invisible.

today the rain has come in and looking out of the window things seem a little less magical and i am trying to decide whether to go for a walk with swampy and flynt~i was unwell last night to the extent i couldn't take my amitriptyline and so everything feels painful and sore today.

well i did go for a walk but it was so painful and i was so slow it wasn't an enjoyable walk