~dont hang on any more!~

hello my lovlies!

well there are a few reasons why i have not blogged lately.

we went off to our annual VW event in the Malverns two weeks ago~we have a role in the build up of the show, and although we both struggled, and i spent more time resting in 'pretty pagan' than anything else i was so glad we went for it was the chance to meet up with old friends, some i had not seen for two years.

we had some heavy showers

some friends 'testing' the live music stage

live music outside for the first time

disaster wagons

our friend from Holland preparing for his journey back home

following two campers heading back to Germany

Luckily in trading 'character' for practicalities in buying a more modern,larger vehicle when i was resting i had lots of room~so i didnt feel cooped up.
i took my copy of 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' for its umpteenth reading, my assorted crochet projects and my laptop, so i was able to sit and watch a film or documentary if i wanted to.

we were home all of last week but even the little i did exhausted me and so i had no inclination to turn on my lap-top~in fact i cannot even remember much of last week.


at the weekend we attended the handfasting of two friends at a beautiful grove~

swampy wore a 1940's kilt

ushered into the grove by the wonderful sound of a hammered dulcimer

sorcha, crystal, kit, yours truly and sea-witch

the happiest of couples~sue and chris

a wonderful roof sletered our feasting

we had stories

and drumming

and more music...with chris on guitar

i rested up well the day before so i was able to enjoy their special day, but by 9pm i was more than ready to get home to my bed and hot water bottle.

this week will be a quiet week for me, i am still coming to terms with the fact i have a new, painful condition to deal with and as much as i dislike it, the tablets i am taking are helping a little, although i am not sure of the long term use.

~i shall try to visit you all over the coming days~