~falling out of like~

i came across this interesting link over at the british druid order

i admit i am on facebook~or faceache as a good friend calls it~and yes it is a good name for it.

Oddly enough, Facebook has little to do with faces and nothing to do with books~Mike C~via A.F.L.I

i remain on faceache as a way of keeping in touch with friends, but when i think about it, no, i am not keeping in touch with friends, not really.

its just become a list of bits and bobs of a persons life~there are a few people with who i exchange messages, much like e-mail, but there is still a part of me that thinks its a load of utter rubbish.

everyday~why oh why do i do it?~i log in and go down my profile to see who has said what and there is nothing earth shattering there~ever, ever,ever.

once upon a time it was fun (did i really say that?!) finding out what friends were up to, sharing things with them.
because my m.e limits what i can do and i am never going to know how i am from day to day it was a way of getting 'out' so to speak.

oh my, did i really think that?

now~it just makes me tried and cross.

its a time stealer, a time waster~turning the mind to mush when there is so much more to do, to think, to achieve.

my life was fine pre-facebook and it will be fine post-facebook.

i am feeling quite liberated just thinking about it~there are folk (real people i meet in the real world) who i will still be in touch with naturally, and those special few who are further afield and who i contact through e-mail or here in the blogosphere.
i am thinking of all the more interesting things i have on my huge platter right now~online druidry courses, reading 'eclipse', gardening when my body allows me and daydreaming...lots of things

i guess that means i will be deleting my account~unless the facebook powers that be have deleted my account for posting the above link on my profile?!