~a small harvest & home hair~

although i have a vast amount of fruit on my blueberry bush my daily harvest is small~but so much nicer to walk the few steps though my garden to pick and enjoy my small harvest.
the ones that still have a little green on them i harvest before the birds take them and they sit overnight in their enamel dish until the following day


the ripe ones here are now no more!


its been a cloudy day with plenty of rain today but the heat is still with us.
last night was another night with little sleep as there was no cool air coming into the open windows and when i did fall asleep i woke only an hour later with a stiff neck and headache as i had been laying with my neck in a funny position~it made me feel all tense so at about 1am i was laying in bed sipping a Valerian tea.
it was the perfect antidote and i slept well until 7am. but the headache has not gone although i am managing to keep it at bay.


taking inspiration from frugal queen i gave myself a haircut last night!

i have always hated taking myself to any hairdressers~sitting there with no where else to look apart from the mirror~at myself.
and why do they always have to torture us with the final bouffant look?

i know many people enjoy this and see it as pampering~to me it is sheer torture.
so, after reading frugal queens post i spent a while browsing online~the 'how to' sections naturally.
then armed with my sharp scissors i use for my knitting, put my hair into a high pony-tail, brought it forward over my face and cut a straight line across the bottom.


hair trimmed with layers how easy was that?

my hair is still insisting on being fluffy and i took a photo with my blackberry to post but it came out as fuzzy as my hair so i shall leave it for today (plus i cannot find the camera!)

i now need to get some color~the older i get my ginger hair has faded an awful lot and this summer being as hot and sunny as it has been has been bleached out quite a lot.
i have found naturtint and fancy arizona copper or fireland~what do you all think?