sleep has been evading me a great deal this past week or two

i ran out of my Dr.Stuarts Valerian plus~ a kindly mix of valerian root,lime flowers,fennel, hops and passion flowers~ tea bags...

and after leaving a new box at the checkout yesterday,i was lucky enough to find two bags of Dr.Stuarts Tranquillity tea~a relaxing mix of hawthorn berries, lime flowers, scullcap, yarrow and fennel~hiding in a cupboard...

right now i obviously need something stronger, much stronger. so not only do i need to go to sweet joe pye for something to stop me being a crazed evil entity each month and shampoo and conditioner, but i also need some kalms sleep.


i have been awake since goodness knows what time~swampy came to bed very late at which time flynt decided to get up and eat his supper and then wanted to go into the garden~this obviously woke me up a bit too much and i lay for a while, staring up at the dark ceiling, then i put my ipod on~usually a bit of music sends me off to sleep.

not today for as i lay there i noticed the sky slowly becoming lighter and when it was light enough to actually see the lichen on our neighbours roof i gave up all pretense of getting back to sleep.

i made my way into the kitchen~the clock said 4am~and made myself a mug of lemon tea and some breakfast, then opened the windows to hear the bird song~and here i still sit.

its now 5.21 am and i am about to start on some revision notes...