~green man tree oracle~

i don't work with my tree oracle on a regular basis~more when i get a 'need' to do so~maybe this is me being told to when i need some direction.

i had that need the other day~i had one of those 'where to go next' feelings in my path,i need some direction and so these were the three that came to me...

at present i use the three worlds spread~it just seems to link nicely with the idea of land, sea and sky~birth, life and death, the upper world, middle world and lower world~the triskele

~the upper world card where we are given, or rather offered, knowledge and insight.

~the middle world with the awareness of the physical world we live in, our real life we move through every day.

~the lower world, the place of ancestral wisdom.


so here are the cards i pulled...

*scots pine~ailm*
the green man wisdom tells me to 'seek an overview', to see things clearly which will pave the way for my next steps.

the green man wisdom tells me that 'destiny moves us to do great things', that our destiny is not laid out before us, unable to be altered but we need to find and follow our own destiny's theads by way of looking back on our experiences, our aims, wishes and gifts. that our greatest moments have woven themselves without our trying, when 'thought, mind and soul were one'.

the green man wisdom tells me that 'defence keeps clear the territory', alder suggests that i need to defend my territory or to clear the path before me.

so now it is time to mull and ponder...