~welcome home Flynt~

well what a day we had yesterday!

we left at 6.50am and set off up the country to northampton where three of us were meeting up to finally collect our pups.

the whole thing has been a logistical nightmare for the owners Enid and Geoff on the Isle of Skye and James, a member of the springer forum we belong to, who kindly pitched in to help bring them from close to the Scottish Boarders, looked after them for a night and then brought them down to our meeting place.

there were two puppies going to regular homes and two going to be trained to be cancer detection and hypo alert dogs~very worthy jobs.

of course we had to stop, chat and take lots of photos and then when it became too cold all went our separate ways~so finally the litter born on such a sad day for us were all starting their own lives and we were bring home a new little life.

little flynt slept all the way home and at first was a bit unsure of coming out of his crate

but within half and hour he was out exploring and following us around

but soon all the excitement was too much for such a small pup...

over night we were getting up every couple of hours to take him into the garden and each time he cried for a little while when we put him back in his crate but on the whole he was fine.

so far this morning he has had some food, played, explored the garden and slept and we are getting things that need doing during his nap times!