~sunshine joy~

its been another glorious sunny day today and we drove off across the forest to visit our good friend Al

Al collected his new puppy tilly last week, born ten days after squishy, so of course we had to meet her...

she is so sweet and weeny-tiny. but for such a small, young pup she is very confident and already well socialised.
poor Al has had a sudden appointment with the hospital next week and we, of course, have been more than happy to step in and have Tilly for a few days...so imagine this house next week with two pups running around and causing all manner of chaos!

by the time we set off home it had clouded over a little but i still have such joy when driving through the forest


things are full-steam ahead for finally collecting squishy this wednesday.
luckily the soft crate i bought from a certain website finally arrived today. i was becoming increasingly worried as i paid for it 13 days ago and was gearing myself up to demanding my money back and having to get hold of another crate by first thing wednesday morning...so panic over.

we have finally settled on a name...