~wishful thinking & maudlin time travel~

i sat and watched 'seven ages of rock' this evening.
normally anything with the word 'rock' in the title would have me skipping past pretty quick i can tell you, but being as swampy is into his rock and he was sitting there i thought i would check to see who it featured~oddly it was about REM and Nirvana with some focus on the other 'alternative' bands of the time, the eighties and early nineties.

and this started off my present maudlin frame of mind.

i always see this as 'my time'~ my mid to late teens drifting into my early twenties~the time i first started to get pierced and tattooed and i really found music and my identity.
i still remember how mad my mum went when i bought my first pair of DM's (and a pair of monkey boots too) and had my nosed pierced~my dad as usual went with the flow.
i had always been a little...eclectic...in the way i was dressed...so of course i just carried on regardless. traipsing into college, stinking of patchouli, in long black skirts, paisley shirts, waistcoats obtained from the post office,hand dyed jumpers in shades of black and grey, long strings of beads and the most amazing pair of black, pointy boots with about four sets of buckles from a shop called 'bondage in general'. a bit later i had a pair of traditional clogs made for me complete with brass toe caps...now these gathered some attention i can tell you!

Nirvana and REM were in my album and tape (remember them?!) collection, as were bands such as the pixies, dead kennedys, butthole surfers, mudhoney, alice donut, sonic youth, the throwing muses...to name a few. as well as more local bands here in england~the levellers, the cropdusters, judacutters, senseless things, mega city four, the whiskey priests...again an endless list of bands i followed around.

it would be nice to turn the clock back for a while and re-live some of those times~front of the crowd two years in a row to see Nirvana at the Reading Festival, falling asleep at the Smashing Pumpkins, a rowdy hoe down in a field...