~blessed imbolc~

the great wheel turns again

the heat of brighid's forge is warming our land and we give thanks to that which brings life~new beginnings, purification, healing and fire

the light of the sun is still weak but growing stronger each day.

the promise of warmer and lighter days to come is seen pushing up through the earth all around us~small green shoots pushing through the earth, braving the still cold and frosty nights, buds appearing on the bare branches.

i have been feeling this change for a couple of weeks now~an ever-so slow, invisible turning of the great wheel~ just a spark of feeling deep inside.
the air has been feeling different, smelling different and there has been a change in the birds~for many days it was almost as if they had become silent, living the last days of deepest winter without song~then they seemed to burst with noise and activity and their songs now seem more joyful.

the blue sky no longer feels the cold blue of past weeks, there is a touch of warmth in the air

the garden surrounding, and being enclosed by our little forever home has, in the last week, shown green shoots pushing up through the cold earth, past the piles of brown oak leaves that have been laying like a blanket over the earth since they fell.

buds are appearing on the little rowan and a new shoot coming from the tiny oak that is growing from the acorn that sprouted in our dorset garden.

~i need to get out and about~