~birth of a camper~

yesterday was glorious, more than glorious

the sun shone all day...yes, all day and despite getting my books out and writing a few words in my notebook i ended up spending the day watching swampy work on the ongoing conversion of our new 'house on wheels'~i even helped out, varnishing the wooden bulkhead while listening to 'pagan folk at the fairy ball'~ he had put it in to replace the horrid original metal wall that separated the drivers space from the back.

our old camper was like a little french cottage, appropriate for an old french van.

this time given it is so much longer,13 foot 6 inches from bulkhead to back door...huge...i am thinking narrowboat/houseboat.

i love houseboats, my granddad lived in one on the Thames and my dad also bought one for us to live in when we were young, but my mum refused and so it never happened.
so my dream of a houseboat is now being put into 'pretty pagan'

ohh and standing there with the warm sun on me felt so good~my spirit was high!

so this has been our on-going project for the last four months...

a dirty,empty shell~smelling faintly of damp vegetables...see the horrid bulkhead?

our friend sean helping with laying the floor and putting in wiring...no bulkhead!

hole in the roof~actually two; its such a big van we decided that two roof vents would allow for plenty of light and air on hot days camping

battening in the roof ready for insulating and lining

the bench seats with a table to go in-between~which will easily convert to a bed

its a big project and taking us much longer than we thought to complete but with me finally getting to varnish something it feels as if we are slowly getting there~we can now look at her (yes its a her!) and say 'yes, its finally coming together' it now feels as if the end has slowly hove into view and in a couple of months we shall be ready for camping...