~the turning wheel*further~

such a lot has happened in such a short space of time and it is only now in the last few days things have slipped into place within my mind and i am finding peace from the darkness that has been here and finally accepting everything that has happened~it is still hard and each day brings new tears but yes, i am finding peace.

everything that has happened seems,to me,to have happened at significant times.

the sudden loss of our beautiful Cody was at a point of darkness~the waning of the midwinter moon, but at the same time at the turning of the wheel where the darkness,still strong,slowly wanes and welcomes the light.

my path has shown its strength at this time and i feel joy that i saw the darkness and came through it feeling stronger~knowing i came through the darkness means i can face it again one day.


my word for 2010, which came about from a thread in a forum i belong to~when the thread started i had no thought for a word and it wasn't important to me, but suddenly this week the word came to me. some of you out there may well recognise this wonderful bus and this is where my inspiration came from for my word.

photo by joe mabel

to me 'further' is a reminder to always keep moving forwards and not become stuck in the present or the past

so i shall move further forward in my life and down my chosen path~always with cody tucked deep in my heart