~thanks for the shot NASA~

satellite image of snow over the UK-NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response

this is a current image of the uk from nasa~and many places are as cold as the south pole.

if you run a finger up from the G in GSFC i live just inland from when you hit land and to the right you will see a huge swirl of cloud coming in, a cloud full of snow that will bring snow to the whole of england and wales, at first a flurries today and tomorrow then persistant and heavy by sunday...at least that is what they are saying and this prediction has not changed in over 24 hours. in fact it is belived this weather will be with us for at least ten days more...
reports are saying that councils are having to be sparing with the salt/grit they spread on the major roads as supplies are tunning low and there is an element of panic buying in the shops.

the last major snow here in this ancient forest was a good thrity years ago, maybe more, when to get into the village my mum had to sit my little sister on the sledge my dad had built because the snow was too deep for her to walk and there was no traffic coming in or going out of the village.

every year many people here wish for a white christmas at the very least and we are not a country geared up for this kind of weather-we do not keep snow chains in our cars or snow shovels in our sheds and so you can imagine the chaos this is causing.

today we were supposed to wake to cold, blue skies~in fact as it has become lighter and lighter the sky is in fact a blanket of pale grey, the kind of pale grey that holds snow~so today we are bringing our snowboard bags down from the attic and taking out our snowboard boots for any walks in the village.

*~stay safe and warm wherever you are~*