i am starting to feel so exhausted right now~not just tired but the same bone deep weariness i had when i was first diagnosed with m.e... and cold, really cold...

right now i am sitting on the sofa, in my pyjamas, wrapped in my brown wool poncho and a sarong i have always used as a scarf~its size means it is big and comforting~i have a cup of 'tranquility' tea on my little side table.


i am really feeling this period between samhuinn and the coming solstice
things are getting darker and darker
the oak has finally lost almost all its leaves~i can now sit and look at it and see the birds sitting in the branches~a few weeks ago they would still be vanishing into the green.

i feel dark in the way the world is heading towards its darkest before the returning light
i am slowing as the world slows to its brief stop at the solstice~but i am enjoying the slowness and dark and not feeling caught up in the usual pre-christmas rush. living in a small village that is some miles distant from its nearest surrounding villages we are buffered against the consumerism found in towns and cities so a serenity surrounds me like a warm ,wool blanket...

this darkness is not one to be afraid of, its one to be embraced and explored~like with the inner journeys we may make to meet with our ancestors and deities