~camping ahoy!~

a tidy looking camper~soon to show signs of everyday living!

well we have pippin packed with supplies as we are off to a pagan gathering tomorrow...a harvest moon gathering none the less!

in the morning we shall detour to our friend simon who has a 'new' radiator for us which swampy will fit straight away-the consensus of several mechanically minded folk seems to be the radiator is clogged and this is why it is overheating. we found yesterday if we keep our speed at about 40mph pippin does not overheat~so it will be a mighty slow drive to simon, with us at def con one for any signs of overheating (we have two large water containers with us!)

from the harvest moon gathering we will (hopefully) drive up to the malverns where we volunteer at setting up a big show every year.

so ten days of sleeping under the stars~almost, as i will be sleeping in pippin but its still camping out!

i hope the coming days treat you all kindly and will catch up with all your blogs when i come home.