~of a drifting day~

I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.
walt whitman

i couldnt sleep last night, i had 'the hills of connemara' running through my head, i couldnt even see the waning moon properly as it was so low the hedges were hiding it~i was still awake at dawn and as my bed faces the window was treated to the sight of an apricot colored moon set against the background of a dawn blue sky~by this time i was actually too tired to get my camera, unlock the doors and go out to take a photo, so the one above is a 'net' found one, to give you an idea of what i could see.

but what a sight to greet the day with!

i had planned on doing the research for my next essay today, but first my dad phoned and we had a nice long chat about my studies and our family tree~the conversation turned to portsmouth dockyard and i discovered that he trained there as a coppersmith before becoming a policeman~i dont know why but i never knew that and feel really pleased, he also slipped into the conversation that he had had a 'crisis' and bought another motorbike...he generally does this when he has a 'crisis'!

...then my mum came around to see how the garden was coming along

...then i remembered i had to charge my ipod and update my druidcast

...then i decided to check my garden

...then i decided to blog...

ho hum, how quickly the day passes...so i am now listening to omnia and planning to e-mail my friend carp

*~*good job i am a week ahead with my work*~*