~i am sorry...~

*i just need to get this off my chest, so to speak, then i promise, no more ranting!*
a small, bigoted 'political' party has won a very small minority in the european elections.

thank goodness they only have a very small minority and i hope it stays that way, or i will be driving pippin onto a ferry and across the channel faster than a robbers dog

to give those of you an idea of what kind of party they are, they now have a 'youth party' whose mascot is 'billy brit' (oh yes~fantastic isn't it?)

this group/their followers harp on about british pride and tradition and of 'foreigners' taking jobs away from the british, what a load of old codswallop~taking jobs away?
good grief~i saw a tv documentary last year where they were discussing the jobs that were available at the time and they interviewed a young lad, and he said he would rather be unemployed than take what he thought to be an underpaid, menial job.
that's the kind of attitude there is over here, old and young alike (not everyone let me remind you, but they are out there) thinking they are too good for the jobs available and yet moaning that people come over from europe and take their jobs!
as for british pride~this party makes me ashamed to be british.
go here for an idea of the kind of group they are, a nice little feminist blog