~blazing june~

*june came blazing into the heart of the new forest today*

after a day of continuous rain and high winds we have had a few days of clear skies and high temperatures...to hot for me!

we have been busy finishing our back garden and are finally ready to sow the last patch of grass seed and i have been busy with my assorted areas~plenty of color to attract the bee's and butterflies...which includes my favourite heartsease and calendula, my herb and vegetable area and my shady area.
yesterday we popped round to my mum and wandered through her wild garden~it is a huge garden with no structure, things are just left to grow year after year and so she has a multitude of native wild plants and so she had gathered me two small lady ferns for my shady area as well as a whole lot of bluebell seed pods. here the bluebell is a protected species and you are not allowed to sell the flowers or remove the tubers.
i dont think taking seed pods from my mums garden to plant in my own 'wild' garden counts

i woke at my regular time this morning, usually between 6.30 and 7 and carried out my usual routine of opening any closed curtains and the windows, letting cody out the back door, put the kettle on for one 'twinings everyday' and one lemon tea~his and hers.
today however the back door remained open and i plodded out in my vest and pyjama bottoms to check my vegetables, salads and newly planted plants~oh and to make sure none of our baby blue tit family had dropped out of their nesting box. they are now big enough to poke their little heads out of their door and i was close to heart attack yesterday evening in case they fell.

so what has the day in store for me?
well i have an essay on religion and the wars of the three kingdoms to have in by friday~i have the main structure of the work typed out but after a chat with my tutor i need to do a minor re-think, so that will be my priority~although i can sit here at my desk with the window open and enjoy the day.