~another anniversary***Tiananmen Square~

was it really twenty years ago i was watching the footage on tv and oh so hating the chinese governemnet?
yes it was and yet last night it was if all clocks had turned back and it was being re-lived.
the bbc~for once put aside their usual dreadful programming of insipid 'find a new celeb' crap and banal sitcoms and soaps to screen the journalist kate adie's return to tiananmen square.
the government tried and executed many of the protesters, others were able to flee into exile and have been unable to return and many, many people are under the watchful eye of chinas big brother...for such dreadful actions as posting a tiny newspaper article asking people to remember the Tiananmen Mothers
and today china has shut down twitter, hotmail and flickr to stop communications about the event....the trouble is they are always stopping communications if the party does not agree.
and remember that earlier this year was the 50th anniversary for the Tibetan uprising...ooop's sorry the 'peaceful liberation'........arrrrrghhhhhhhhh i could scream...what a pile of utter crap.
call me paranoid but i wonder how much chinese authorities are monitoring the channels of communication today?