~garden update #2-planting~

here we are again with more on our garden~as i mentioned in the previous post we are starting from scratch so are buying an assortment of plants, some to give us some instant color, others that are quite established and will develop nicely over the coming years.

we love the goldfinches that come to feed on the niger seed...along with siskins, green finches, bull finches as well as dunnocks, sparrows, wrens, blackbirds, robins, blue tits, great tits, coal tits, starlings, doves, wood pigeons...and it seems our list grows each week~we feel so lucky. but i wish the crows were bold enough to come down.

evergreen honeysuckle 'halliana', it is the same as we had in our garden in dorset and the smell of it when flowering would drift in the evening air~fingers crossed for the same with this one. the other climber is a semi-evergreen...

rosa banksiae 'lutea' or more commonlly know as a yellow banksia rose

some general plants, including my favorite calendula...the frame for the honeysuckle was made by swampy with hazel branches i brought with me from dorset...we had a 10 foot one to hold up our washing line and i am now wishing i had brought that with me too

the grass seed is coming along nicely~it actually looks even better now, i must take a new photo! we put plenty down, enough for grass and the birds.

tomorrow is shopping day which means our weekly trip to the farm shop where we will buy a few more small plants to start filling in the gaps