~of mirkwood days~

today started out so promising with blue skies and sunshine.

i wish it could have stayed that way.

yesterday we finally made a start on our dreadful back garden, clearing and chipping and digging~yes its so bad it needs digging over. but we keep having a case of 'rain stopped play'

swampy has just gone off to return my mum's chipper and bring back our trailer (which mum kindly keeps safe on her driveway when we are not using it) to load in bags of chipped and non-chipped greenery as well as a bag of rubble that whoever built this house just dug into the back garden rather than remove!
as it started to rain...again...i came in deciding to visit blogs and post myself...however even that is impossible as we seem to be experiencing Internet connection problems.

i just get the feeling that everything is telling me to give up and just sit with a book and a cup of tea!
...as i write there is a huge downpour of not just rain but sleet.
oh, i am getting so tired of this weather, i am an autumn~winter girl but at this point in time i am longing for endless days of blue skies and sunshine~not hot days, ones like we had last week were just perfect.
i find myself thinking of days spent in the finally finished garden, or up the allotment or even better of days where we take off in pippin to some solitary place~i have an inkling to spend some time in wales.

but first we need to finish the garden and get the allotment sorted~to say nothing of finishing our decorating here in our 'forever home'