~so here we are~

its been a strange week and a half here in my small part of the new forest.
i am so glad it is all over, it has been so stressful and full of anger~on my mums part i have to say but of course things like that spread out to those surrounding her.
its all because she cannot accept spookys new bf.
i have just been out with spooky and discussed things and i hope it helped her somewhat.
swampy and i did not make it to the new years camp...well we actually made it to within two miles of the site and broke down! so had to come home with the help of the AA (hooray for breakdown cover!), arriving home at 10.30 on tuesday night. so poor swampy has spent the last few days taking the engine and gearbox out of pippin and he has literally just found the problem is not as serious as it sounded~we were expecting at the very least a new engine or gearbox and had discussed selling him.
he has just walked in and said he has found the problem...a nut has come loose!
something so simple!
as for me, i am sitting in the warm, blogging of course! and 'hello dolly' has just come on~i love that film!
tomorrow i am really back to normal with my studies, i have less that two weeks for this part, three weeks for my other and then when i get back from new york i start my medieval history course.
and then there is the packing and exchanging money into dollars...a busy busy time...