well the cold that has been threatening the last few days has decided to fully make itself known.
i was awake a chunk of last night coughing, sneezing and sniffing and today it has taken me a good few hours to really get to now...unfortunately with m.e and diabetes even slight colds make me few worse than i should be with a mild cold.
luckily i had contacted my tutor last night about an extension for my essay which is due in on friday and i have been given an extra week so if i do feel really bad over the next few days i can afford to have a day or two away from my books.
as i feel okay now i have decided to squeeze in a few hours work this afternoon~ i have two other pieces of work that has to be done by the end of january and i figure making full use of my given extension eats into the time i need for the other work...and given that i will be in new york for a week in january i did really want to get all my work done by then~there is nothing worse than being away and knowing you have an assignment to come back to!
so any sneezing you may hear online today will be me!