i woke up at 3am this morning...i do that a lot, its all to do with the 'washing machine' head i had inserted without my permission when i started on the path of m.e.
the brain goes into overdrive, no matter how tired you may be.
i listened to the world service for an hour~if you are ever awake at stupid o'clock i can recommend listening in, you can learn an awful lot (not that i am saying you need to learn more!)
after an hour i decided i might as well get up and check my email, check pinterest (dreadful but enjoyable obsession) and then get to work on some more pieces for
the wylde apothecary.
that was part of the whole 'washing machine' thing~i had some ideas for necklaces and really had to get a sketch or two down on paper.
there was much excitement here the other afternoon when my banjo practise was interrupted with the delivery of my harris tweed overcoat...
now i don't have a photo of me posing yet but i shall, but oh my...so warm and cosy and even nicer 'in person' than the photos...