First day of a new lovely month full of gigant moons
& autumm is closer & closer, to be honest I love autumm
the trees, the big moons, the clothes, hot beverages,
halloween! oh' I love it. First day of Octuber, first day of
the week & I had to deal with someone's urine haha
we were in laboratory class & we could only entered like
8 of 26 because they arrived late I don't know why or 
they have missing stuff to enter & in the practice we needed
to urinate & to see the temperature levels it has but it was
boiling so swift that it went out of the test tube & as you can 
imagine it was a little messy. Also we inflate a ballon with
the gas generated by fire, it was cool after all. 
Do you see me as a doctor? I look good don't you think?