Also this friday was the birthday party of Braulio
the one that hangs out with us in the coto, so it was
the party that I expected for the hole month really!
I arrived from the movies & Richo & Paco the one
in the picture were like "you have 10min to get ready"
hahaha I was done by 11! We went to the party but
it wasn't started yet & we were only the close friends
the friend that is in the picture too arrived & Richo, Paco,
Liz & I went to my home but my mom & dad were in
a bar or something & they didn't want me to go!! I don't
know why, I convinced my mother & I went to the party
we played beerpong (I lose with another friend) & I was
with Edgar too which was like the thing that made perfect
that day because I was with him all day long! :D