~dark moon & equinox~

so within days we have had the dark moon and coming up is the autumn equinox.
my stonewylde clan had a dark moon ritual working on the protection of the badgers of this land who our near-sighted government have decided needs culling.
on the night of the equinox we are having a simple 'non ritual'-i will be sitting by my fire and thinking, meditating and we will be sending out blessings to each other.
so the last harvest, a day of equal light and dark is upon us and we give thanks to the great mother for her gifts.
i have been thinking of the ancestors and how they would spend the dark months.
many of mine were farm hands and so would have had intimate knowledge of the land and the changes throughout the year, many more worked with the sea and rivers so i imagine they would have knowledge of the seasons via the water.
i wonder if any of them followed a nature loving/pagan path?
i have been thinking of course how i will be spending the dark months, looking at my list from my previous post...
but what has been strongly in my mind just lately is my spiritual path, my soul journey.
for a few years now i have been thinking of doing the bardic grade from the
ovate of bards, ovates and druids
i would love to sit here and just join but like many people in the world right now i have money to think of, to some £12 a month is nothing but to many its £12 of fuel, or towards shopping, or a bill.
...maybe if i made £12 a month through my etsy shop then i could do it!
now there is something...what an idea...