This is Milo, a friend asked me to take care of them because
a friend of her gave it to her but her sister is allergic to it. So I
told her that it was ok, she then told me that "Now is yours!"
& I was like heey what? My mom doesn't like cats neither my
father :S but he stayed all the thursday at my house & my 
brother, even my mother were liking him & me what can I say?
he is lovely! in the morning I let him sleep with my in my bed haha
but few hours before he was crying a lot & he doesn't want to
eat &  I was freaking out & even more because my father didn't
want him, so I let him in the park, alone at night :( I feel awful but
what can I do? I hope he is fine & tomorrow I could find him to
find him a home for him because he's just a baby, he doesn't deserve
this, because after all, he's an animal & a life :(