~rowan & the garden~

*following my rowan*

this year is the first year our beautiful young rowan has flowers~not many, but there are flowers.
this means next year there will be more and eventually berries.
hopefully next year there will be enough berries to share with the birds and i can make rowan berry jelly.

the area to the right of the top picture above is where we have built our pond and small waterfall. although we have not quite finished the area it already has a sacred feel to it~the water falls down at different angles in little tiny pools.
nearby is the rowan, oak and rosemary to one side, just over from it is holly, hawthorn, silver birch.
on the opposite side of the garden is where my grrl-cave is going to be.

we have new neighbours and because they are keeping to themselves i have held off lighting my cauldron in the evening~not sure if they are fans of wood smoke and not being brave enough to knock on their door and ask!
so i have a plan to develop the top end of the garden into the area where i have my little fires that will not disturb said neighbours (its not like i burn wet, smelly stuff anyway its all good dry wood!)

*i have this little dream*
 in my mind i have my girl cave all set up, i am going to grow some kind of climber over the g*c, possibly a hop, and have the area between it and the pond as my yoga/fire/meditation area.
the joy is the pond/waterfall is close enough that it is easily incorporated into the area so i am going to develop the area around the waterfall into a shrine of some kind.

can you see where i am going with this~a whole sacred area


'nora barlow' & 'black barlow'

the top corner where the footing for the g*c will be~presently housing mismi's cage

i love this :)
 the oak grown from an acorn~we found it about an inch high growing from an acorn on our lawn in the wilds of dorset shortly before we moved away

birdsfoot trefoil

salad burnet

black elder~like my rowan i cannot wait for it to grow so i can use the flower heads

flynt made the mistake of taking his eye off of his bestest ball!

my new camera still does not take the close up i wish of the moon but much better than my old one~last weeks full moon...