Starting the day with a movie in Ecolgy's class was a good start,
doing our lab practice of Physics outdoors was even better, having
a good time with my friends & even with our Physics' teacher was
lovely, in a summary it was a nice day. The bad part is when I have
to go back to my house, I really was praying for my mom to allow me
to go to take dinner with my boyfriend. It didn't happened. I was
taught to always be respectful with everybody, that I need to give a 
good appearence & even to put a mask on my face when I'm sad.
I like or actually I love to dress myself correctly, good, expensively
cute. etc. Sometimes I forget that I'm more than clothes, that I'm a 
person & not only a pair of expensive clothes, saddly my parents 
just see me like that. Whenever I need them, they think money is
the solution to everything, & for me it was ok or I didn't realize how
much I had & that sometimes I don't appreciate it correctly but there's
a lot more than just material things, some says that I'm a materialist girl.
Well, let me tell you something, if you don't know me enough, then don't
judge me & if you know me, you shouldn't say that. There's a lot of things
that people don't notice & they will never do, but sometimes I would wish
to have a good talk, time & to get along with my parents, but it'll never
be that way. Now I have the iPad3 & I really don't know what to do 
with that if it only leaves me more empty than I was.