I told you, I was prepared enough for love...

Time passes, people change & we exactly don't know why
our feelings change, but they do. One month ago I remember
writing about giving a chance to love & now I'm writing that 
is over, funny isn't it? Everything can change in a week, even in
a second if we are not attentive. What happens? Life, that's what
happens all the time, I don't regret it, why should I regret something
that made me happy once? Everybody says that phrase for 
something, & that something is because it's true. It was not a lot
of time, I didn't even have the chance to love him, I liked him & I 
can say that a lot. But with the time you start to know things diferently,
you're not going to be waiting for someone that didn't wait for you, you're
not going to have some people at your priority if they don't even think of
you as an option. As everything, you learn something with every person
you are with, he was not at all my type, but I decided to gave him a 
chance, he didn't like it? ok too bad, more lucky next time, I will not
chase illusions anymore, the memories are in my heart or at least in
photographies, I don't need no more, I didn't even cry this time, &
that doesn't mean I'm a heartless person, maybe that means that
I love myself enough this time, to know it's not worth it. But heeey! 
at least it was kind of fun giving a chance to love ;)