Is so sad that the forest of our city is burning, it's been burning since
this last friday & it's all because people wanted to burn trash & then
what happened? now there are more than 7,500 hectares burn of 48,000
that are in the forest, the sad part of this is that our goverment is not 
doing a lot to stop this & there are rumors that they want it to burn on
purpose because they want to build houses in there, it's crazy! really it's
so sad that our society have made that & now there is in all the city smog
& a lot of pollution, 104 schools were canceled today because of the 
contingency but... my school haven't said nothing about that yet so 
right now I'm at school & I feel horrible because of it, I want to think that
is because of it, but I'm shaking, I have a headache & my throat hurts, I can't
 even smoke !! & that's a lot ! :/ in one hour I'll have my math exam so let's
 see what happend & I really wish that we could do all something to stop the
 fire it doesn't matter if it's just a little help but with just something we could 
make a great change. Even normal people are helping so I hope well make it.