First of all I passed Maths I can't even believe it! really it's been since
 1er semester that I didn't have a grade like that & without any help of
other curses!! I'm so happy for it! It was not so bad after all, I have a lower
grade on Physics & that's weird because I understand better Physics than 
Maths but anyways I'm proud of myself! We had our TV class & we needed
to do a news program, this time I was the camarawoman, it went well, the
only thing it was not so good was the change of camaras & some parts of my
classmates that did mistakes & they had their microphones off blablabla haha
but I hope we can get a good grade! 
The things in my house are aweful, I don't want to be on my house anymore, 
the less I can be there is always good for me, the bad thing is that I can't go
out again, I can't understand why, but what else I can do?