~the wheel~

belated blessings to you as the wheel turns again

alban eilir~the light of the earth
the spring equinox

the balance of light and dark has tipped and we now face lighter, warmer days and in my sacred garden, almost overnight the forsythia started to blossom and the yellow loosestrife is now coming through the soil.
the white currant and blueberry are putting out green and my elder is putting out ver dark purple leaves.
over my nook the rambling rose has started to put out new shoots and the leaves on the climbing jasmine have finally died and are falling off with the help of the new shoots that are growing.
the lavender that grows in pots out the back and line the garden path out the front are putting out new green shoots

looking out of my kitchen window the cherry in the front suddenly has small green buds and as i dressed this morning ma and pa siskin were sitting in the garden enjoying the sunflower hulls before the starlings woke up.

we have had some very warm days here in this ancient forest...too warm for the time of year but it seems to be the norm now...for spring to start very early and be very warm...actually make that hot for yesterday we put the little clock/themometer from Pretty Pagan into the sun and it hit 90...too hot for me...
i think its time to get out the factor 30!

this morning started out grey and cloudy but as i have been typing the clouds have cleared and today promises to be another hot one~today we are having to move a few plants to make way for the the grrl-cave and i am hoping we can make a start on digging the hole for our wildlife pond!

well i shall stop here and before i shut down for my own 'essence' time i need to print out some music for the tin whistle...but more on that next week!