The experience of living 2012

This wednesday & tuesday there were conferences
about young entrepreneurs, the name of the conference
was "La experiencia De Vivir 2012" & it was in the
Liceo Del Valle it's such a pretty school & what can I
say about their students? OMG that zone where the
school is, is so exclusive & expensive so most of the
teenagers that were there were Mirreyes that is the
name of the teenagers that are like rich & they are so
stubborn & they feel like they're flawless, I don't usually
like them a lot but they are so handsome!! haha & well
the girls are like that too but I don't like them at all haha.
The conferences were so good but I only went yesterday
because when I went back home, well I'll tell you that story
later, the photo is when we were there with my twin friends(: