So... Latetly I haven't been at my best, I'm starting to believe
that no matter how many times your heart can be broken, it
always hurt the same when they break it, the only thing I can't
understand as much as I think about it is: "why did you told me 
that you didn't want to try anymore & that we should leave it 
like the best friends we are & then the next week you come back
telling me that you think you love me? & that you want to be
with me but you don't know what to do?"  I understand, I've been
there, I got confused in some point of my life too, but I can't relate on
it, I'm telling you that is not pretty neither to be in your position nor
mine, you start to wondering what's wrong with you? what did you miss?
 what did you do bad, am I not enough for you? am I not what you
expected? I don't keep your expectations? You start to low yourself-steem
& sometimes you start to overthink things that wasn't there in the first
place, so... make up your mind or while you decide what to do I'll be
absence for a time. Because I don't want to get hurt more than Iam now
& I don't want to become more insane than Iam, overthinking all the time...