~of things~

i have a lot of 'stuff' going through my head...its a daytime 'washing machine head' experience.
actually i think 'washing machine' is too modern, too mechanical for me.

i think 'springs and waterfalls' is better...i like the idea of the rushing water and the sound it makes...


sometimes i try hard not to hate some people, the unknown people who think it is acceptable to throw their rubbish from their cars, those who harm living beings~whatever species they belong to.

i know hate is an especially harsh word/feeling.

not all of my feelings are so harsh

 there is also suspicion

suspicion borne of my ragingly accurate intuition
i have had it the whole of my life and have long accepted it as part of my soul journey

i remember picking up on things when i was 7-8 years old and my feelings have never failed me.

its hard sometimes to have this feeling, especially when it is screaming at you~to have to sit by silent.

anyway enough of that...

i had one of my night time bursts of inspiration last night with regard *alittleeclectic* so today will be devoted to creating and i shall be giving my swampy a little poke with one of the many sticks i have around the house to get on with some lino print designs.


now as i sit here the rain is pouring down~its like looking out at a waterfall rushing down outside the window, so another day of not being able to get out in the garden.

however on an exciting note i may well be having a 'girl cave' in the garden!
this came about because valuable floor space in swampys 'man cave' (the shed build into the footprint of the house) is taken up with Evangeline so i suggested that if i had a girl cave then she could be placed on a rack on a wall and i could instal a table, chair and shelving and it could be a nice place for crafting, reading, meditating.
i think swamping is seriously considering this and just to keep the idea 'live' i am searching out smallish, second hand sheds.

of course my mind is going into overdrive at the thought of a 'girlcave' and how it would be decorated...lovely colour paint...little curtains at the little windows...i must not get over excited until it is actually sitting in the garden!

well now my creative juices are flowing so time to get out crochet hooks and felting needles!