~grrl-cave update~

lizzie, you may move in, i wont tell anyone except our dear wild roses :)

yarrow, the chamomile lawn sounds perfect!

well the hunt for the grrl-cave is still ongoing with a few second hand ones having a keen eye kept on them but swampy has found a site that produces new ones and delivers at a very very reasonable price.

we have decided how to place it in the garden as well...

in the picture below, see the fence next to the bird house?
well its being placed with the back along this fence because we realised to have it up in the corner facing the house we would have to disturb our well established Banksia Rose.

i was also sitting at my desk yesterday which faces south/south-west and realised how blinding (but lovely) the sun is, so decided i would rather have the windows facing north/north-east which would mean i can see the pond and wee waterfall from the window.

and the area between the cave and the pond will be my outdoor yoga/contemplation area...*sigh* its all working out 'perfik'

placing it against the side fence actually means that i can have a slightly larger grrl-cave


swampy has even drawn some rough plans for the interior as he is going to custom build me a corner desk and fit a rack to one end for me to hang Evangeline from.

so now the hunt is on for a nice comfy chair in which to read, meditate, crochet and a fold up one that can hang on the wall when i am not at my desk working.

plus i keep thinking of decoration...well who wouldnt?!

i will of course be going for the whole eclectic, bohemian thing

plants to go on the shelves
lanterns to hang outside

swampy is going to hook up a couple of electric sockets so i can have a lamp, use my sewing machine but shall i tell you a secret?

i am hoping its going to be large enough so that i can have a wee little wood burner in one corner, just big enough to sit a kettle or coffee pot and to enjoy the warmth of on cold days and nights.

can you just imagine it?!