~dreams of a girl cave~

actually it should be...

grrl cave!

i think mel is as excited about the idea as i am!

even small sheds are expensive so i am constantly checking a certain online place for second hand ones.
i have a few lined up and hope they don't become too expensive.

i keep thinking of the cosy little boho cave sitting at the end of the garden...swampy has even mentioned about a tiny deck (because the whole garden is on a very distinct slope from calvs wall...we are on the side of a gentle hill) so i can sit by our pond with its wee little waterfall.
i can burn my incense, play my drumming music, meditate, craft, journal, listen to the birds (yippeee for a house with no main roads nearby!)

our garden is in fact quite small.
 i think you can see this from the photos i have posted over the last few years.

see the bit of wooden fence up the back...that's where the grrl-cave is going!

because of the health problems we both have we are working on creating a very low maintenance garden, with lots of perennials and small tree's, herbs etc and just a few of the veg we really like.
plus for some reason we have very suspect soil that just will not allow grass to grow and i think swampy has finally given up trying to maintain it and so a grrl cave will take up some room and we can fill spaces with yet more plants.

of course i must remember that it will not be huge before i start dreaming of wood burners, comfy armchairs etc!

ohhh fairy lights...
a kelly kettle...
warm, cosy rugs and blankets...

but i know swampy is taking me seriously because i have heard him on the phone to his nephew saying he will line it out properly and paint it to keep it nice and snug.


i can hear you mel!